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We’ve decided to create this comment board as a way for all of us to keep in touch now that the reunion is over. This is a place for those who attended to post their reflections about the reunion weekend and share them with others, or for those who were unable to attend to send a message to their classmates. This is also a place to offer ideas and suggestions about improvements and additions to future reunions and other class gatherings. Your thoughts about the website itself are also welcome.

Postings are listed in the order received. However, some may be moved directly to personal pages or the master class list, if appropriate. Feel free to use the comment board as a convenient form for updating your biographical info, email address, etc.

Let us hear from you!

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other classmate news added by pam king nichols
After learning of Pam Tylec Belfield's death, we learned that another classmate, Gary Sparks, had passed away the day before Pam from cancer.
Also, our fellow classmate David Bowman is recovering from a heart attack and subsequent by-pass surgery. We will him a quick recovery to good health!
22 February 2012

Pam Tylec memoriam added by pam king nichols
Our fellow classmate, Pam Tylec Belfield, passed away, apparently in her sleep, on February 7, 2012. Her husband David was a member of RHCS Class of '63. May her soul rest in peace.
08 February 2012

information about teachers added by pam king nichols
This is from Ted Pazik via Marty Smith...
'To date class of 67 emails I have received have been about a reunion or the passing of a classmate. I would like to share something different that may be of interest. I have been a member of the Lockport YMCA for some time which allows me to stay in touch with some of our teachers. Mr. Joe Nasal and his wife were members for decades. Two or three years ago they moved to Waterloo to be closer to their daughter. A friend had lunch with them a month or two ago and they were well. Mr. Nasal is 92 and his wife will be 90 soon.
Our gym teacher, Carlton Chase (I believe he is 88) gets to the YMCA about 3 times a week to swim. He drives the teenage lifeguards crazy because when he is done swimming laps he likes to sink to the bottom of the pool to see how long he can stay there. He lets me know whenever he thinks I have put on a few pounds.
Mr. Robert Querns (wood and auto shop) hits the YMCA almost every afternoon, Monday thru Saturday, walks up the 58 stairs to the cardio/weight machine room, and uses the weight machines, treadmills and exercise bikes. The man is 90, slim and trim, very healthy and a joy to converse with. They still call me Ted and I still call them Mr.'
31 August 2011

September 2011 gathering added by pam king nichols
Our gathering will be September 24, 2011 at the home of Bunny and Pat Stoddard in Pendleton (south of Lockport). Directions will be posted on this site or call Bunny at 716-625-8671
15 August 2011

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